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Ehem ehem . Olla . Hey guys , so hows your holidays huhhh ? Its been quite a while since I've posted , yes ? SO i decided to tell you guys bout my Holiday , Its not that much , but it is the best yer end holidays ever . Since that last year I'm having PMR , and next year I'm sitting for SPM , it makes a difference . My family and I went to Negeri Sembilan , (my hometown) Labu , Kampung LBJ. The night we arrived there , everyone was tired , but my uwan served us Durians! haha , you have no idea how big the durian and rambutan trees there , Its like a tropical fruit island . The bad thing is , insects  are everywhere . brrrr . I hate thoses creepy crawlies so much . 
First day , I went to Setia City Mall . I was like dehell ?! Its sooo huge . I suggest you guys to go too , they're having a year end sale , everything is affordable for an average person like me. Of course , its in Setia Alam , which is only 3 minutes form my aunt's house . I went there with her , cuz my mum and dad had a date in MAHA ,its kinda like an agroculture thingy , where you can see live stock animals and plants everywhere .
Second day , We went to IKEA , I'm telling you , IT IS NOT MY FAVORITE PLACE . urgh the jam , the cars , the humidity , the people , families , babies , Its like I'm having claustrophobia . But yeah , my mum wanted to buy some things , So I have to be there all the time because She will ask for my opinion in everything . And later that night we went to the Setia City Mall , my sister's been complaining bout her Tshirts . And we had lunch there too . After that we went to my aunt's house to settle our prayers and head back to Negeri Sembilan , Labu  .
The third day , after breakfast ,(which we had durians and rambutans as desserts along with nasi goreng ) My dad took us to I-city , I was like , why the heck are we here ? I thought we're supposed to go there at night . But , actually my dad was not planning to bring us to the city of LED , or whatever you called it , he took us to snowwalk , there were only 4 or 5 families there . I'mgald he thought about going in the morning . The experience was damn cool , I can't talk because it was so cold in there . Sadly my left foot pinky got frostsbites . Felt numb . You can't even talk properly , like your tounge was frozen . Mum said it reminded her when she took us to go for snow sledging when we were back in USA , I was 2 or 3 , I did'nt remember , me and my sister can't even walk because it was too cold . So we went back home and soak in the bathtub instead . It was a good memory . 

 That my friends ,is what i call Frozen cheeks . should have took a picture when my cheeks and nose are red like the santa clause's reindeer :P

The forth day , AFter packing our bags , and said our goodbyes to my grandma , we head to THE MINES , and then straight back home . I didn't even know place such as the Mines exists in Malaysia , it was a great experience riding a boat in a mall and cruising around the lake , fed the big sized cat fishes , and beautiful talapias , wild black gooses that snapped on my dad's hand while feeding it . Ducks that swam in a row ,and even beautiful swans . They were not afraid of us at all .

What bout you ? how's your holiday .Man , I'm actually having tremours everytime I thought bout next year , senior year ! ahah . it is going to suck . I can feel it . Aku ada muka macam senior ke ? haih rasa macam baru je masuk sekolah tingkatan satu semalam , :') semua kenangan dengan kawan kawan masih lagi terkubur dalam mindaku . Semoga kita akan kecapi kejayaan yang diingini , amin . InsyaAllah
See , I did have a great time , but you have no idea how much I missed you :)

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