. Trust ? NOPE .

8:23 AM

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Helloooooo ladies , My darlings and my fello gentlemen . I'm kinda feeling like a gay mozart . I mean , not a morzart that's guy gay thing , I meant the happy kinda gay . Urgh whatevaaa . Hmm , So , what I'm gonna talk bout todaaayyy is TRUST *creepy background music* 
So what bout trust . Nawhh , I don't have any trust issues with my family or Vanilla , or my partners in crime . Just my close friends . I know , I knoww . I should'nt do this , its like . "Their your friends dude , You've gotta trust them" AHAH . TO ME ,I have not trust anybody , in my life . I'd never get my hopes high for some friend who might turn me out someday , and I'll be freakin crushed ,heart broken . NO NO NO . I don't want any of this teenage drama in my life , Friends , you might need them today , they might need you too . But some just leave you when you're in need of their help , you know ? Some might even use you . Why be friends with a person like that , I'm not even sure if he/she is a person . Disgusting behaviors , lies everywhere , hypocrite , definitely NOT in my friends list . What would you feel , if you're not talking to your classmate , who's your former best friend , Ouch that hurts right ? True friendship only exists in elementary , Those are the times where all us are naive , we don't think all the bad things , or the things we don't need to do , things that are waste of time . What I know is , when I'm at the age 7 -10 , I've had the best of friends ! they would never leave me alone , never cheat on you , well unless they help you cheat  .Those times where we don't care bout our studies , we played 24 hours , let the geniuses win . Even the first in class were best friends with the average . 
Things started to change, you know. We have our own future to race to , Our own job . Our own responsibilities . People who are so close to us , may be our biggest rivals . We aim for the best . Friendship ? hmm , I don't know . We even have a better relationship with the books than humans . I'm just saying generally , no offense . I love my friends . Especially the crazy psycopaths . They would know who I'm talking bout . haha . Love them to the end of my life . Haha stop Azwa what the heck are you babbling bout ? 
tukaaaaarrr topicccccckkkkkkk . haha . Recently , I just had a date with Anis and Vanilla . I'm so thankful to Anis that she would be willing to watch the movie with me , Im so glad to have you my dear . Aku dah buat muka tak malu kat hampir 8 orang nak mintak teman , NO ONE is available . urgh . Nasib baik Anis ada . I love you . You know , my parents are really strict bout me going out of the house , and I only had that one chance , you have no idea how I'm glad to have you Anis .my life savior . She has been the the most supportive friend ever , dia yang SELALU teman aku keluar . Yang lain ada , farhana n aini , tapi Anis hampir setiap kali :') I really love you .

Thank you Anis . I owe you big  

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