. Feeling senior-ish? .

9:18 AM

Bismillahirahmanirrahim ! Hello there readers. *ada ke yang baca ni,oh well*  So a week has passed by since I've arrived MKIC . It wasn't that bad , but it was very tiring. Handling the orientation was no easy task, I tell you . I wonder how the big universities did it. Plus, this time we didn't even hire (is hire the right word for it?)  a consultant . You know, those motivational consultants where they prepare motivational activities for the students to kick start their first semester in University or in this case Pre-University.
So ,being the facilitator is kind of fun. But the preparation I tell you, almost everything was adhoc , haha. Other than the academic slot explaining on exams and the courses they take, the slots were up to us facilitators to handle it. We tried really hard to make sure that every slot has its objective. Since our college is new , and I'm only in the second batch handling the third batch , our sources of ideas were limited. But we managed it at last. We worked as one , but each of us had our own slot where we were the ones who were in charge of that particular session. Well, I got the self awareness slot. It's really hard. To create awareness in young adults and to be the one to make them aware is not easy. We are different by only a year how could we possibly pull this out. But Alhamdulillah , We succeed. For those who're wondering, ni lah slot yang buat orang nangis nangis dalam gelap teringat kat mak bapa. *theres the "oooooo is see"*  Bukannya senang nak bagi orang sedar, sebab pada masa yang sama kita lalui apa yang mereka lalui, so I cried too while giving the speech. 
So, Juniors , welcome to MKIC! I'm not sure if you'll like the place but there are other things you can be thankful for, like the stars at isya' and the coconut skae at pasar malam every monday. those memories are cool. Not to forget your friends here. Just study hard and strive for the best, you can't really care bout any of the problems that MARA is facing right now, with the nilai mata wang jatuh and what not, just study , because when you score they will definitely find a placement for you. 
Kalau jadi senior je mesti cakap pasal junior kan ? haha that's not all. Being the senior here in this college means that it's time you stop playing and start studying, really hard, less than 10 months I will be facing my biggest fear, A levels exam. I'm really scared. Really. I'm going nuts waiting for the AS exam results.  Azam baru sem ni, jaga kesihatan, kurangkan tidur, buat homework setiap hari, tak nak malas malas, *amin, in shaa Allah*
Kadang kadang kalau kita reflect balik hidup kita ni , taksub sangat dengan kejayaan dunia, that's why I'm trying so hard to make sure ICOM is active starting this semester. I really want to contribute to Allah, to the ummah. And ICOM is one of the medium, probably the only medium I have, to gain islamic knowledge. I'm really proud that ICOM started off this sem with an introduction to the juniors , and iftar jamaie. Our first iftar together, makan dalam talam, lauk ikan keli lagi!
Can't wait to go through this sem, really, never been this excited, probably because I'm already half way through this program, so pray for me :)

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