. Anger Management 101 .

4:51 PM

Currently typing this in a car. Travelling from Kuala Lumpur to home. Well why I decided to post this is because I'm dealing with someone's temper tantrum right now. Mostly, I'm the one who's having a temper problem and people around me can feel my anger radiating. When I lose my temper, i become very cold. I don't talk much, and i won't make any eye contact at all. But, if it happens virtually on the internet , i reply short messages, and i would type one very long text explaining my attitude/mistake and explaining his/her mistake that made me feel this way. Okay well, it's not that bad. But when someone point out my mistakes, I handle it differently depending on the way talk. Kalau orang yang tegur kesalahan ana tu, luahkan segala kemarahan dia, nak maafkan tu pun macam separuh hati, semua benda dia ungkit, harapan dia, cakap perli perli.. I will apologize, I will make it up to her/him but I won't put my emotions in it. But if someone talk to me about it nicely, I'll apologize and sometimes i might cry, which also made my apologies sincere. You know why anger management is so important? Because it keeps relationships strong. Because of this you could lose a friend. Ya , dia buat salah, manusia mana yg sempurna. Berulang kali? Takda masalah. It's not the end of the world. Kadang2 manusia ni tak jaga kemarahan dia ni, hati dia tak ingat Allah sekejap. Hilang kejap. Sebab dia mengharapkan manusia dan bukan kepada Allah. Cuba la , kalau kita serahkan segalanya kepada Allah, bila orang buat salah dekat kita, automatically we will feel as if Allah is testing us. You have no desire at all to be mad to the other person. Sebab setiap perkara yang terjadi, ada hikmahnya.

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