. Tooth Fairy grant my wish .

7:54 AM

Assalamualaikum, Bismillahirahmanirahim. 

Hello there people. Another post in January! I should give myself a reward for posting more than twice this time. Well, supposedly I should be in college now. Well, I was. Then, I came back to Kulim after first day's class because of the toothache I suffered. I decided that the sooner I get rid of the tooth, the better.  So I did! I made the appointment as soon as I got down from the bus. The bus station is only a few meters away from the dental clinic. The next day, tipu la kalau tak takut. Tapi hati mau sado babe. Masuk jumpa doc, dah settle kat kerusi yang gerak2 tu. Then... Terkejut mak, the biggest syringe I've ever been in my life. Dia bius dalam 3 jarum dan biarkan ana terbaring dalam 5 minit. When she came back my cheek felt like it was swollen. So , she proceeded the minor oral surgery (MOS) . 

I didn't know what happened, but there was the gum cutting, and teeth pulling, she literally used the plier. Masa tu rasa rahang macam nak tercabut, walaupun kebas, still it was excruciating. After pulling the tooth out, she stitched my gum and all is done. Seksanya , tak boleh makan benda keras. So, I've been eating porridge for 4 days now. Still have to continue for another 2 weeks tho. I'm going to lose so much weight. (Which is good news) HAHA. 

Bless the tooth fairy, because I passed MARA's requirement for my IELTS! Weeee. Alhamdulillah. The tooth fairy story is bull.  Jangan nak layan sangat merapu ana ni.  Semua rezeki adalah dari AllahSWT. Honestly I was at the edge of the cliff to giving up. I've been putting so much faith, before finals. My final results are the worst. I was starting to think that all the faith and hard work are wasted. I thought I was a goner. Then it came to my mind that , apa apa yang kita dapat itulah yang terbaik untuk kita. Kan? Allah knows best. Well , I've endured this for a year and a half now. I'm surprised how I'm still surviving. I really don't want to be a failure all through my A Levels. Do pray for me. 

I'm scared for whats ahead of me. I really am. So much to do. So little time. I've always complained about not having enough time, then someone told me that "Masa tu makhluk Allah, if you want it, ask for it." It didn't make sense. But, as a muslim it does. When one is devoted to Allah, and they spend most of their time for Allah, 24 hrs is more than enough for them. So from now on this will be my theory in life. I will try my best for dunya and akhirah. Yes If Allah wills.

Heeeeyy, spotlights. I've changed my blog's layout. I think galaxy background and roses are too girly for me now. Now that I'm turning 20. hoho. And I may be sharing this blog with another person. So heads up people. I can't remember to write anything else anymore. Adios !

Love, Azwa

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