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Assalamualaikum , HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY ! Guess what , im checking on my formspring , and i got this question from an Anouymous , which sounds like this 

: SALAM , hey , what important facts that a guy should know about girls in a relationship . (izzat) 

So izzat , who are you anyway ? give me a link ! Well , here is my answer , the facts is according to me . 

Okay.. so this may not be true for ALL of the girls, but most of them are for me and I thought it was sweet =D

  •  Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything.
  •  When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go.
  • When she says she's ok dont believe it, talk with her.
  •  Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her.
  •  Call her before you sleep and after you wake up
  •  Tease her and let her tease you back.
  •  tell us we look beautiful, we sometimes really feel down on ourselves and just need someone to say to us that we look beautiful. We really like it if you do. ( i dont think of this way )
  • let us mess with your hair, its fun for us. 
  •  If you are in a group of other girls with your girlfriend, make it seem like she is the only one you are interested in talking to. 
  •  Pay attention to them. Girls will tell a guy they trust anything. Even if you don't care about what shes saying, at least pretend to be paying attention.
  • If a girl is clearly upset, don't ignore it and hope it goes away, talk to her and ask her about it . If she says " Nothing, i'm fine," but its obvious shes not, don't just say okay.. keep asking because that's what they want.
  • Girls will tell guys they love anything, so don't betray that trust. If they tell you something and they say don't tell anyone, don't. Or else you will lose that trust . And even if they don't say " Don't tell anyone," still, just don't. 
  •  Girls don't take fighting very well. They either get really sad.. or they get pissed . So, don't start fights. They could just end up with "FINE"
  • Don't ever lie to us; we always find out. 
  • Girls are pretty, but yours is ALWAYS the Prettiest! 
  • It's good to be sensitive, sometimes
  •  If you did something wrong.. 
  •  We are self-conscious by nature; we can't help it. 
  •  Don't make bets about us; we will ALWAYS find out. 
  • Don't try to be controlling- that's so lame. 
  •  Don't cheat you freaking losers. If someone doesn't make you happy, LEAVE THEM! Don't cheat. COME ON NOW! 
  •  Its not the big things, the big gifts, or the big surprises that mean the most- ask any girl (that isn't a money hungry cow)…and she'll tell you that its the small, sweet things that mean the most. 
  • If you know, or have a feeling, that a girl likes you, don’t EVER make fun of her, or say anything bad about her. If she finds out, she will be very hurt, and start thinking stuff like “how could I ever think I had a chance with him”. It keeps her thinking about that one thing forever, and it doesn’t make you look good either.
  •  Don’t show off, it’s not cool. Looking stupid is cute, and girls would much rather that, than you trying to show off.
  •  When it’s obvious a girl doesn’t look her best (it happens to all of us), say she looks pretty, especially if she is your girlfriend- although, it’s nice too even when she is just your friend OR if it’s pretty obvious the girl spent hours looking good for you, give her compliments - little things like that mean everything. ( no comment )
  •  Yes, It’s true, it’s cute when guys show their emotions.
  • Give her compliments, such as "your beautiful", and "your gorgeous", and "your pretty". They mean a hell of a lot more than, "damn girl you are fine", or "you’re hot!" AND don’t feel stupid saying it either. Really. We do prefer the first ones better. (no comment)
  • WE LIKE BEING CALLED GIRLS, NOT CHICKS, SHAWTY, HOTTIE OR ANY OTHER STUPID NAMES YOU HAVE. UNLESS, its some cute little nikcname or something you gave us, those are cute  .
  •  Writing poems or songs for girls, really is the sweetest thing ever. Even if it looks like a three year old wrote it, it still is cute.
  •  If there are pictures of you two together or something, it IS always cute when you make it your display picture on msn. Or your profile picture on facebook, myspace, or any other account you have. (no comment)
  •  If there is a picture of you and your girlfriend together, and she comments on it and says she loves you, SAY IT BACK. OR be the first one to say it, it makes it even better that way.
  •  When the time comes to break up with a girl, do it yourself, and do it in person. Let her down NICELY, and always explain why. NEVER ever get someone to do it for you. You may think it’s the way to go, for less tears and just making it easier for her, but trust us, it isn’t..
  • It’s hard for a girl to admit she likes you. So when she does, don’t act grossed out.
  •  If you like a girl, TELL her. And don’t be afraid too. In most cases, girls are extremely understanding, and would really like to know who likes her and who doesn’t. It might even turn out she likes you back.
  •  always stick up for a girl, especially if it’s a guy picking on her. It shows a lot in a guy.
  •  Don’t mess around with our hearts.
  • f you like us, you like us. If you don’t, then you don’t. Make up your mind, and don’t take ten years doing it.
  •  When a girl did something, that obviously made her feel stupid, or embarrassed, don’t make her feel even more stupid or embarrassed. Comfort us, and tell us its okay.
  •  Girls get jealous. Very easy, though she might not show it.
  •  We think you are just as complicated as you think we are.
  •  when we say we are ugly, or fat or whatever, we aren’t waiting for you to agree - we are waiting for you to say, "NO you’re not fat, at all your perfect" or" NO you’re not ugly, your beautiful, don’t ever change."
  • When we like you, you are all we ever think about.
  • Make the first move. Sometimes, the girl is too shy to.
  •  If you JUST meet a girl, and you’re saying gross sexual things to her, and she says something like, “go die” or “stop talking to me” leave her alone, she means that.
  •  If we hang up on you, call back. If we continue, then you continue. 
  • Act like a real boyfriend should in front of your friends. It DOES impress us. 
  •  Girls love it when guys act shy. (not speaking for all girls, I LOVE it!)
  • When we say we love you, 100% of the time, we mean it with all of our hearts, and want you to mean it to.
  • . If a guy is bothering her, it is your right to beat the crap out of him.
Haha , thats my opinion dude , goodluck on whoever you're picking on . :P  

RAWR'S  from me  ,AZWA 


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