. What is wrong with you .

7:28 AM

Greeting Text
Okay Hello . I'm freaking out now . Last week when I sign in my google account , This blog , iRawr has been deleted by I DON'T KNOW WHO THE F HE IS  , and I can't even undelete it , So I made a new blog , now that I have setteled down with my new blog , this blog magically reappears . WTF is this ? Now that I have two blogs , I don't have the heart to delete it , I'm still thinking how should I divide the categories ,what part of my life should I post in here and what part of my life should I post in Double The Rawr . I love both of my blogs now . ARGH . this is depressing . Its like my blogs are my boyfriends :(  
  Okay . Shut up Azwa . Clear your mind . As long as I know what I should do is enough . I am going to blogwalking the whole night . Adios Amigos .

Still confused .

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