. 360 backflip .

9:17 PM

Bismillahirahmanirahim . Hello people . Great day to complete all my assignments , but I just don't care. Hehe. Anyways,  since my life is doing a huge back flip now. I'm dying to change my style of blogging. I want to post good things that can bring benefit to people. Wish me luck in changing. Go blog dakwah !
BAM! tukar topik seh. Ana teringin nak pakai tudung labuh . Serius teringin gila. Bukan tak cukup labuh sekarang ni , but I just loove looking at people who wears their tudung from the head to the wrists. These women are so beautiful. Being a UTP-ian is not hard to miss all these beautiful people. They're everywhere , feel like I'm in an semi islamic university. Ya Allah , berikanlah ku kekuatan untuk berubah ! Amin  *Amin kan sekali k ? * BTW , ana masih lagi sedang memperbaiki kesopanan dan kesantunan berinteraksi di dalam alam maya. Keperempuanan dan keayuan harus dicari gali semula. Hikshiks. 
Life here as a university student is a major stress bomb. I'm serious . But as a muslim , the only way to release stress is to turn to Allah. I may not have the strength to do that everytime I'm stressed , cause the only thing I thought about is "why me" . Masha-Allah may Allah gives me the light to make me realize why he burden me. That's All . I'm in a rush to do my shopping. 
He breaks you to build you,
Deprives you to give you,
The pain in your heart is to 
make you yearn less for this life ,
 and yearn more for Jannah 
-Yasmin Mohaged
Sanah Helwah Sahabat :) 

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