. Love out of Music .

7:39 PM

The house was hers alone , Its 3 in the morning and everyone is still asleep . She looked at her spouse beside her , who's in a really deep sleep after a long exhausting trip from their campus. Slowly , she crept out of the room , tiptoeing to her small piano. She haven't touch that darling for months! Opening the lid , she run her fingers gently over the keys. Taking her best position , she started to play on the song "From Beginning Till Now-Winter Sonata" , one of her favourite piece. The music went smoothly at first but then there's a different note that interferes. She stopped immediately , and played again . Her memory of the song is losing, she panicked when everything comes out of place. With her fist , she punch on the bass notes hard. She looked through the hallway where her parents' bedroom is and relieved that they didn't hear her atrocious music playing. She's no pianist , she never went to classes . She never took all those expensive exams in front of the British men that'll cost around RM400 .YouTube inspired her , she always wanted to play the piano so her parents sent her for basic classes and that's all . She developed by practicing with a cheap keyboard until her parents are impressed enough to by a small piano for her. But on top all of that she started to regret not going for proper classes and exams. Tears run down her cheeks , her sniffing was the only sound heard in the middle of the hall. 
She didn't realise how she was crying in someone's protective strong hug. Clearly,she was too busy crying that her sniffing woke her husband. Her senses started to come to her and she started to cry louder because she felt humiliated. He pulled out a rotten piece of paper and gave it to her . It was the music sheet for the song she was playing , she haven't seen the paper since high school . She wiped her face with her sleeves and looked at him to the paper multiple times with question marks hovering above her head. "Teach me" he said. She coughed out a little laugh "But.." . "Teach me" He said , again. Her heart bloomed with happiness knowing that her lover actually wanted to play instead of hearing her play. She moved to treble and put her husband's hand on the bass. She placed her hand on his and they started to play. At first it sounded like nothing , then she started to wander off in her own world , he pulled his hand free and watched her. She played the song , from her heart , even by looking at the notes , it never sounded more beautiful than that night. Smoothly without a flaw , she released the paddle and looked at him. She hugged him by his neck tightly and said thanked him . "It's okay not to be perfect, you don't have to be Beethoven to impress anyone , because your flaws made you perfect." He said while holding her face. "I love you" she said through her tears. "Love is like a piano , to have the best melody , you have to play it with your heart" He finished his sentence with a kiss on her forehead and both went to bed like nothing happened that night. The next day and every other day , whenever she wants to play , she'll have him by her side knowing that he will always support her even when the the music is out of tune. 
Ni la yang akan terjadi bila Azwa kebengongan , menulis . Hehe. touching le tu. Ana sebenarnya sakit kepala tahap gaban ni. Sebab jatuh bilik air . Jadi nak study tak boleh , tapi nak mennulis boleh je, kurang asam ye dak? study je bnyak alasan. Cerpen bersiri ana "DI SEBALIK RAK 800" dan "AKU SEORANG MISTERI" ana dah delete sebab ana rasa macam tak sesuai je , ye lah ,yang tu tulis masa jahil. haha. Lepas ni ana akan mula tulis siri cerpen yang baru In shaa Allah , nak mencari inspirasi dulu. Tapi serius ana nak ais , nak letak atas pala nih. sakit betul . Ana rasa rugi sangat ya Allah . Ana nak pergi bengkel photoshop tu. huu . Bukan rezeki ana hari ni. K la nak rehat sebentar. mata sudah berpinar pinar.  Assalamualaikum .

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