. Cinta oh Cinta .

5:57 AM

Love , is a fitrah in every human being. We want to love and to be loved. We as the servants of Allah , has misused this feeling. Love abuse if I may say. We're still teenagers or young adults if you prefer . Why do we need love ?
Because this love is not ours , we have to ask for it , we need love , to show our gratitude and appreciation to our Lord , Allah azza wa jalla. Why should we love Him? because the ni'mat He gave us is unlimited and we can never repay . Allah lah yang selayaknya menerima cinta kita sepenuhnya. 
Have we really gave all of our love to Allah ? Ask yourself. Because I know I haven't . The world is a distraction that has divided our love into varieties , and we are too far astray from loving our Creator. Our gadgets , clothes , money wasting hobbies , cars , houses , expensive stuffs , all of these are the hubbun dunya. 
As for us teenagers , falling in love is the most treacherous act of all the dangerous stuffs we do. The curiosity , wonders how is it to be in love could kill. We started having crushes , picturing the perfect guy/gal in our mind. Then, when we started approaching. For those who have weaken their imaan because of this cursed love , they will lead their hearts and bodies to the road of zina. Nauzubillahi min zalik . May Allah protect us all. 
Why am I lecturing about this ? because it is undeniably obvious that I am in love. Allah swt has given me this feeling towards someone unexpectedly , someone I want to have a future with. Only Allah knows how I feel. It's distracting of course , but the solution is easy , kembali lah kepada Allah. Salurkan rindu kepadanya melalui Allah. Actually , the best distraction is to remember death . Death could be around the corner and you might not be ready yet. I'm not ready yet, I'm far from ready.

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