. kena tendang UTP .

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Hello , so here I am , in Kulim , in my house , on my bed , not studying . What happened ? Well ,I got kicked out of UTP for being super awesome. NO , just kidding. Saja buat suspens tajuk tu. I left UTP. Because I got a better offer. Going back to UTP just to do the clearance hurts a lot , that was last 2 weeks , I think. I didn't have the time to see all my friends there , my parents were so eager for me to get home. 
So , here's the story , I decided to leave UTP , because I got this UIA offer in architecture. I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO GET ANYTHING  FROM UPU , because I got UiTM already. It's like a bonus ,you know. haha. I was sort of happy , to leave Chemistry behind. But I'm heartbroken to leave UTP. Bertungkus lumus download segala dokumen , nak plan medical checkup segala , siap buat research berbagai. Masa ni tak buat clearance lagi , masih dalam proses istikarah. Walaupun tak dapat jawapan istikarah lagi , semua dah siap sedia , in case la katakan. Bila dah selesai clearance , seminggu selepas tu, result MARA keluar. OKAY , this is where the funny part is. Masa tengah sem 1 kat UTP , I got this interview for MARA under the overseas program , and I didn't go for the interview . Kaaaaaaannn ? I know what you're thinking, rugi kot . Dah nak buat macam mana , kata orang tua ikut je la , impian ku berkecai , tiada harapan untuk ke luar negara . 
Ok nak buat throwback sikit , going to overseas has been my dream since highschool , it doesn't matter how many times my parents stick the sense in my head that local is fine and sometimes better than overseas. So , I kept that little dream of mine to myself , but I never stop praying to Allah , hoping that MAYBE , just maybe I get a chance to chase my dreams. My dad , being fatherly of course , bring a mahram with you if you want to go , well , that means I have to get married , or take my dad with me. Sedih, sob sob.
(I am currently  really sleepy)
Back to the previous topic , masa result MARA keluar , sapa yang apply, check . As for me ? pointless la kan kalau check , tak pergi interview nak check buat apa. Tapi dilahirkan curious , gatai tangan jugak , saja ja nak semak keputusan. Typed in my IC , and there it is , TAHNIAH ! I was like , whaaaaaa ? Tak pergi interview tapi dapat . Masa tu memang dah buntu , tak tau nak buat apa , menangis je kat depan laptop. Who doesn't want that offer , program ke luar negara , I applied for UK , hopefully I'll get what I want , but to convince my parents was a bit hard . Perasaan dia macam ni tau , "NAK PERGIIIII , tapi nanti mak ayah sakit hati , sob sob sob " . But in the end , they approved. Dengan syarat mahram tu . I agreed , and it's a risk if I got a future husband who didn't go to the same country with me , then I can't go overseas or get married. I'm willing to take the risk , but I'm not sure now.
Sebenarnya apa sebab ana trima ? sebab nak belajar luar negara ke nak kahwin ? Betulkan niat balik , kerana Allah SWT. 
Haa, cita-cita ana sebenanrnya , nak kahwin then sambung belajar overseas , kerja 3 tahun maybe as an architech. That's all . So , cita cita ana nak kahwin dulu , kenapa? jangan nak bagi kata putus sendiri , I know who I was,  and I know who I am , and I think I know what's best for me. serius. Not kidding . But , you know , halangan. Some think that I'm not ready yet, oh well. Semoga Allah permudahkan utnuk mengelakkan maksiat. Amin. 
I am continuing my studies in MKIC, Mara Ketengah International College. 2 years of A levels , and if I get good grades I can finally  go overseas . In shaa Allah , pray for me. As an architect student , I'll be taking IELTS , Arts and Design , Physics and Mathematics. Can't wait to enroll. The place is kinda nice , from the looks of it in the picture , and I'm glad they have this islamic surrounding going on .
Ok mengantuk menguasai diri , baik solat asar terus. Sorry kalau tergantung , I really need to go . See you in a while , crocodile. Assalamualaikum

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