. Bodohnya aku .

4:28 AM

. Asalamualaikum kalau tak jawab dosa , kalau jawab sayang .

An entry for idiot brain of mine  

Heyy earthlings from earth , and Marshians from mars and Moonian from Moon . Sometimes Azwa , people don't do things your way , People dont Think the way you thought . People dont like what you love . People can't be what you want them to be . And all you know is to ask them , to burden them to live their life your way . Just because you are not satisfied with what people are saying bout you , you cant just go and blame somebody else bout it . LEARN TO GROWN UP , JERK . Azwa  , people should not sacrifice , or change the way they are  just because you have a problem with it . Next time blame it all on yourself , you hurt so many people . Don't try to be so perfect . Cuz you are not perfect . And one more thing Azwa , please feel free to shut your stupid mouth from saying thins that hurt people . You suck . You're an idiot . You are nothing compare to them .

Awak saya mintak maaf sebab sakitkan hati awak , sampah# saya tak de niat ansung , saya tau saya ni teruk , tak pandai nak bersyukur . Saya tak sepatutnya suruh awak buat apa yang Ustazah suruh saya bagitau awak .Saya lansung tak malu mengaku saya berkawan dengan awak . Awak saya mintak maaf sangat² sebab saya sakitkan hati awak . I know I suck . Please ignore what I've said , mungkin awak tak akan baca post ni ,tapi saya harap sangat² awak baca . 

Azwa : Bad girl Azwa ! Bad girl .  

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