8:35 PM

Assalamualaikum , kalau tak jawab dosa , kalau jawab sayang .

YEAH YEAH !  at last , i feel freedom ! haha , actually , nobody is at home right now , just me . and myself , alone in this haunted house (what?) Naahh . just kidding . Just threw away my History book on the bed . Damn , you know what is to feel when you can answer 80% for a subject you hated the most ?! Yeah , It felt great . This is the first time im doing History excersises , and got A ! Oh , this is something I have to celebrate .(Drama much) haha , overjoyed . 

I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE . weather you girls like it or not , im just gonna do it . Im not letting you using me anymore . You think your eyes are so beautiful when you look at me like that ? HEY , I HAVE THE RIGHTS . what im doing is the best for you guys . I heard you were condeming me . Like I care , You're the one who's collecting sins , yes , swearing everything away about your stupid sister . This morning , im the only one who's doing all the cleaning . What bout you ? just sit , watched the stupid tv , with stupid dubbed cartoons in the morning , one of you is going to sit exam next sunday , and everytime I talked bout your study , you just roll your eyes like a diva . Same goes for last night . You know what , I feel like slapping your face . Where are your manners ? Didnt you learn anything in school ? Why cant you be like any other kids ? You can see changes in me lately , im not going to sit in silence . From this day on . I will always be watching your attitudes , manner , I may not be able to punish you guys (even though I have the rights to do it) but I will report each and every single thing you do to our parents . You can roll your eyes back at me , or just decry and condemn bout me . As long you are my sisters , I'll do what i have to do . Watch out . If i lose my temper , dont be suprised if you lose one of your eyeball . You like it when I get mad dont you ? 

Dont you geddid ? dont you know how to respect or appreciate ? Please , i dont want to scold you , or nag in front of you each and everyday , Pleaseeee , someone , understand me!  urghhhhhh . life is unfair . 

RAWR'S  from me  ,AZWA 


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