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Assalamualaikum kalau tak jawab dosa , kalau jawab sayang .

Good day earthlings . How are ya ? Well . Im not fine ! (sapa tanya ? teruk la aku ni ) . Hemm , its wednesday and 3 more days left to go to school . My mood ? WAS excited . NOW ? bummed ! Wanna know why ? Cuz I WONT BE PRESENT IN SCHOOL FOR TWO MORE EXTRA DAYS . congrats girl . WHY ?  Because my mom and dad are still on thier way back from Mecca and cant make it this Saturday . Plus , my aunt which supposed to send us back home and fetch us from school cant send us to Kulim because of a doctor appointment in Penang . WHY? . I want to cry .  huhhh ! Things shouldn't be this way . Im supposed to go to school this Sunday . Damn , cikgu Noryatimah mesti marah sebab lambat hantar Kerja kursus . ohhhhhh . :(  . I miss U . I miss my friends . I miss my teachers . I miss the Coop . I miss the Library . Cant this holiday get any worst ?

. This is the worst 2 weeks holiday ever . I wish im not 15 . I wish my parents let me stay home with my sisters . I wish people should start understanding each other . I wish i could some do interesting things other than writing some stupid posts about my even so lame feelings . I rather go to the suffercating PLKN camp than sitting in this house and do homework , online , eat , get grumpy because hearing my lazered mouth grandfather talking , babbling , nagging because he did not see me study . OH LIFE . ITS A BEAUTY AINT IT ? I cant do nothing more than be Thankful . Its hard , but there are others who spend thier holidays working hard , helping thier families , some dont even get to eat . some dont even have grandparents . some cant even have a laptop to online . *sigh* .

Wow . never seen my self writing a post full of nags . Macam orang tua la pulak . bebel je . mood tak elok ni . sebab tidur lewat . pukul berapa ? 4 . 4 pagi , baru nak lelap . Pukul 2 , rasa maam nak online . huhhh . duduk depan laptop fikir nak on ke tak . tak tau la kenapa rasa macam nak on masa tuh . tapi tak on pun . gila ke ape , on pukul 2 ? humm . kenapa aku tak betul 2 hari ni ? kena masuk hospital sakit mental ni . HAHA . chill Azwa . Relax relax . Why cant you control your temper now ?


Sweet Rawrs From Azwa 

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