. Confessions #2 .

2:41 AM

. Assalamualaikum kalau tak jawab dosa kalau jawab sayang .

Silly Confesions

  • I draw some pictures and names while talking to the phone .
  • During the night when i go grab something to drink .i TRY to walk back to my room , so i turn off the light in the kitchen . I end up RUNNING back to my room becuz im scared that it's all dark and it's a habit .
  • Randomly sing pasrts of songs that fit into my conversations 
  • I ask for things from my parents when they're in good mood . ngee 
  • When im eating crunchy food i hear it chrunches , i wonder if other people hear them too ~
  • I wish i can eat forever and never get fat . hee
  • I waved at security cameras sometimes . ahak
  • Im the kind of persoon who follows the L&R on the earphones
  • I meow back at a cat that meow's at me :)
  • I hate hiccups
  • "k" is the best message that i can send to someone who's annoying me .
  • I stanby a tab witch was on"score A" net and switched to it when somone is looking . :P
  • I feel like crying for no reason .
  • Im simling in front of the PC , right now cuz im actually having a very interesting chat conversation .
  • Sometimes I forget my phone number
  • I type a stanza of a song when i heard it in Google just to know its title . hehe
  • I want to eat pizza now . can anybody buy for me . hahahaha
  • Im the only person who really really REALLY HATES spongbob squarepants
  • I yelled at my PC
  • My personality at home is way different than the happy sunshine personality in school . (friends are magic)
  • I use google to check my spelling when im chatting with my friends
  • i smile when evrytime people ask " Tell me the truth ! R u in a relationship ?" hahahaha 
Azwa : lalalala . :)

Sweet rawrs from Azwa

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