. Dreams & Diaries .

6:53 AM

Assalamualaikum , kalau tak jawab dosa kalau jawab sayang .

Im a normal girl physically , but extraodinary , amazing and special in the inside . Im not boasting myself , just feeling confident today . Im different , haha , wanna know why ? I write diaries . Its a bit lame . Not every girl write a diary , wierd , but to me its fun. Writing a diary helps you recall back your sweet but even stupid memories , you can see how you yourself change in a split of time . I know , Cuz I write and i read my old diary , sometimes i cant believe what i wrote . thinking "is this me?" .
 I usually write what I wish for , what I dream . Sometimes i write things that i wish could ever happen to me (which is beyond the logicality) . And the best part is , when you write them , you actually have a dream bout it . WIERD , but true ! I know , impossible rite ? but not for me , and I love it . Even though you cant feel it in reality , at least you can see them in your dreams . Dreaming is not a crime , rite  ? I had this dream , it came for a couple or maybe triple times , I just wished its true .

I can see myself , in a forest . emerging through the bushes , everything was perfect .There wasnt a cloud in the clear blue sky . I wore a white dress , reached til my knee . My elbow was swollen , because of banging into the trees . I was bare foot . I could feel the soft , cool dirt of the trail and the occasional hard sensational of a rock , maybe a twig between my toes . The trail started to follow a small brook and the water rippling down over the rocks , its  surface shimmering with sunlight .  I could feel the breeze  , blew my hair to the back of my shoulder .The trail ended at a small dammed-up pool , the water was calm , unbroken , like a mirror . Ahead of me , on the diving rock , I saw "someone" , familiar . wore a black T-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans , plaing a black guitar . HE had his hair to the back neatly pushed gently by the wind , and his jacket hunged to his broad shoulder , I can see the nerves bulging out from his arms .He was humming and strumming with his eyes closed ., didnt hear me coming . As i got closer , suddenly he stop playing and put away his guitar , And turned to me , "Hi" as he smiles . The most sweetest thing I can describe bout him , his heart-melting smile . I sat beside him , as he strokes his fingers through my black curls gently . In the corner of my eye , I know someone was watching us full of hate and jealousy .

As the sun shone at us , He pulled my hand in a sudden . took me to a field , We ran , in my barefoot and reached on top of the hill , he pushed me down the hill , i grabbed his hand ,wondering , did he did that on purpose ? Both of us rolled down the hill and crashed in a bush of dendelions . And he laughed , that explains evrything , he was just fooling around . His laugh , makes me feel calm . And then  he looked straight in my eyes .He picked up the petals that tangled in my hair , and gently pushed my hair to the back of my ear .

OMIGOD . i just wrote a story out of my dream .
Well thats the end of the dream , just wish could see the ending . thats the disadvantage of dreaming , they never end , just "hang-up" , making me very curious to know .

Theres no wrong to dream . Im a girl of fantasies and fairytale . I love to imagine . and i dont bother your lives , some of you just dont like to see people happy . Dreaming & imagining makes me happy . You guys must be asking who's the HE up there in my dream . He is someone , that had nothing to do with you ! hahaa .
So , people . I dont care with what you condemn me (i heard you talking bout me , curse you ____ !) Cuz I know ,  people i know loves me for who I am . Im very thankful . And im special , that shows how extraordinary my dreams are .  I LOVE TO DREAM  :)

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